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Room Design 101: The Foyer

Your foyer is an important part of your home that's easy to overlook. After all, people don't spend as much time in the foyer as they do in other parts of your home. 

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Ready, Set, Winterize Your Home

Winter is on its way and, before you settle cozily into your warm home to wait out the cold, there are a few home maintenance chores to take care of. The snow and cold temperatures of the winter season can batter your roof, doors, and windows, so they need to be in optimal condition.

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Quick Possession: The Beaumont 2

If you've been looking for a beautiful home that's ready to move into tomorrow, look no further than the stunning Beaumont 2 model home located at 103 Kinniburgh Lane in Chestermere.

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11 Ways Wallpaper is No Longer Just for Walls

Wallpaper can liven up a room, set the mood and help coordinate the furnishings, but it doesn't have to be on the wall to do these things. 

There are many creative ways to use wallpaper to your advantage when decorating. 

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7 Holiday Season Saving Habits

The holiday season is a common time to run up more costs than you may have intended. Holiday meals with all the trimmings, buying gifts for everyone, and higher heating costs are likely to cut into even the most careful budget fairly quickly. 

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What's Under Your Feet? Your New Home Flooring Options

There are many types of home flooring materials, including exotic options like cork, bamboo, and limestone. 

If you're looking for something a bit more utilitarian, however, or something that will have resale value down the line, you'll need to stick to common types. 

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