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Room Design 101: Bonus Rooms

Does your new home come with a bonus room? This room is often seen as a must-have feature in functional floor plans for families

As the name implies, this room is designed to be anything you like, whether it's a more private place to relax or space for that hobby you've always wanted to take up – bonus! 

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Maximizing Your Living Space with Furniture Storage

A home has a more pleasant atmosphere when there’s plenty of space to move throughout its rooms. Luckily, there are attractive items of furniture that can double as storage places. These pieces of furniture allow you to store items out of sight while keeping them within your reach.

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Navigating the Road from Renting to Owning

Even though you may be growing tired of paying a landlord every month instead of owning your own home, it can be difficult to navigate the road from renting to homeownership.

Don't worry...

In this guide, we'll tell you what to expect when you transition from being a renter to buying your first home – your journey will be worth it!

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Community Spotlight: Kinniburgh in Chestermere

The lakeside town of Chestermere is located just 25 minutes east of Calgary proper, giving families the escape they need from the hustle and bustle of the city while keeping commutes short and jobs readily accessible. Found along the shores of Chestermere Lake, Kinniburgh brings the feel of nature to the doorstep of the big city.

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10 Kid-Friendly Easter Creations

Easter is a fun time for kids, especially with all of the hints of spring and occasions for getting candy. Your kids are going to be eager for treats, and colourful, tasty goodies are just the thing for them if they're hungry for some alternative to store-bought treats.

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What Are the Extra Costs of Buying a Home?

It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of buying a home. And while you can't compare two homes based on price alone, it's important to calculate all important expenses to create your budget. This goes beyond the number on the price tag – remember to include the cost of fees you will need to pay when you close on your new home.

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