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Community Spotlight: D’ARCY in Okotoks

When you decide to build a brand-new home, you want to make sure it’s in a community you love. D’ARCY in Okotoks, is an amazing new neighbourhood with a lot to offer its residents. Discover just a few of the many reasons why families and individuals choose to live in a new home in the community of D’ARCY.

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10 Easy Ways to Keep Clutter at Bay

Are most of the countertops in your home occupied with miscellaneous clusters of items? Maybe you have a pile of books, TV remotes, magazines and other items stacked on the coffee table in your great room. If you look around and see clutter all throughout your home, we're here to help!

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The Benefits of Maintenance-Free Home Exteriors

One of the benefits of choosing a brand new home is the chance to utilize the latest building technologies. In particular, new and improved materials will keep your home's exterior looking great for many years to come.

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Testimonials from Sterling Homes' Clients!

When you ask for a recommendation on something, there's nothing stronger than the word from a friend or family member. At Sterling Homes, we wanted to let our clients speak for themselves, to share their experiences with you and let you make the call.

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Your Go-To Guide for Outdoor Entertaining

You’ve moved into your brand new home and now you want to share your happiness with friends by throwing a backyard party. An outdoor party can be especially memorable on a warm summer evening with friends chatting and crickets chirping in the grass all around. Discover several tips and ideas to make your outdoor party a roaring success!

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Fencing Your New Property in Calgary

Fencing your new home can boost your curb appeal, add privacy, and give kids a safe area to explore. It's also a home must-have for pet owners

If you're ready to explore fencing solutions, it's a good idea to give your decision a little extra thought. You may be surprised to learn there are dozens of options - from beautiful wood fencing and no-care vinyl to wrought iron and aluminium.

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