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9 Hot New Home Decor Trends

Keeping up with the latest must-have upgrades can be a challenge. With innovative products continuing to provide the best in home convenience and décor, where should you begin? When you need a larger home with higher-end finishes and the latest technology, building a new home is the best way to get the home you want with the fine features you deserve. 

Here are nine of the most popular home décor trends you should look for as you plan out the rooms in your new home build.

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Mortgage Insurance Explained

Mortgage default insurance, also known as mortgage insurance or CMHC insurance, is a unique insurance premium you may need to pay if you put down a small down payment on a home. Mortgage insurance is designed to protect your lender if you ever default on your loan. It's not entirely one-sided, though: mortgage insurance allows you to qualify for a mortgage with less than 20% down. This can keep interest rates reasonable even with a low down payment.

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11 Tips for Choosing a Top Notch Calgary Home Builder

Once you've made the decision to build a new home, choosing the ideal Calgary builder to suit your needs is one of the most critical choices you have to make. Here are a few tips to help you know what to look for when it comes to the construction of your dream home. 

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9 DIY Ways to Optimize Your Home Storage

Is your home organized? Or do you have a lot of clutter around that you’d like to see disappear? Keeping your home neat and tidy can make your daily tasks a lot easier. If you want to boost the organization factor in your home, take a look at these DIY home hacks to help get the ball rolling. 

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9 Ways to Save When Landscaping Your Yard

Landscaping isn't just a great way to improve your home's curb appeal - it's also one of the best home improvement projects for boosting your home's value. With strategic landscaping, you can even shade your home to reduce cooling costs in the summer. Of course, the cost of landscaping can add up. Whether you're landscaping your front yard or adding living space to your backyard, the good news is there are plenty of ways to achieve a stunning, professional look for less.

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Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

The quest for energy efficiency is gaining traction across Alberta. Improving your home's efficiency can reduce your impact on the environment and save you a substantial amount on your energy bills. The good news is new homes are already more energy efficient than older homes thanks to superior building materials and the latest technology - still, there are additional steps you can take.  

Here are some easy tips for boosting your home's efficiency (and saving on your bills!).

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