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7 Advantages of Getting Into a New Development Early

When it comes to choosing a new Calgary community, brand new developments might seem a bit unattractive. They’re not quite as polished as older developments, and you know you may have to deal with a little noise and construction over the next little while. However, there are also quite a few advantages to being one of the first homeowners to build in a new community. The benefits listed below might make it worth your while to get into a new development as early as possible.

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Get Ready For The Snow: Winter Prep Checklist

Winter will soon be here, and although it can be one of the more challenging seasons of the year, there are some things you can do to make life easier! Below you'll find a list of ideas on how you can prepare for winter and make your transition into the colder months as smooth and painless as possible.

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What To Look For in a Builder Promotion

You and your family have decided to make your dream come true and move to Calgary. Naturally, you want to choose a great builder, so you can start your new life in a brand-new home. As you begin your search, you'll notice several builders are offering special promotions. Learn the facts about builders’ promotions and whether they are a good deal for people in the market for a new home.

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Quick Possession: The Beaumont 4

With a quick possession home, you’ll have all of the advantages of moving into a brand-new home without waiting for it to be built. Sterling’s latest move-in ready model, the gorgeous Beaumont 4, is a four-bedroom, two and a half bathroom home in the Northwest Calgary community of Beacon Heights. It’s a rapidly growing neighbourhood with plenty of amenities available now and in the future.

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Doggie's Day Out: Dog-Friendly Places in Calgary

Is there anything quite as fun and special as sharing a beautiful day on the town with man's best friend? With just a little planning and know-how, you can explore Calgary with your dog, hitting not just parks but even a few restaurants and even stores!

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6 Thanksgiving Centrepieces You Can Make Yourself

When you invite guests to your home for Thanksgiving this October, why not make sure you have the chance to welcome them using handmade centrepieces? Holiday-themed table decor abounds in stores at this time of year, but decorations you make yourself have a distinctive touch. One of the best parts of these creations is that making them is a fun family activity that will help get kids into the spirit of things.

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