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The Mortgage Process for New Home Construction

When many people think of mortgages, they think of buying a resale home with a down payment, then making monthly payments once moved in. 

When it comes to building a brand-new home from scratch, you might assume it works the same way. 

However, it takes time for a new home to be built. And if you wish to use the money you get from selling your current home to purchase your new home, this becomes a problem, as you'll likely still be living in your old one while the new one is under construction. 

The option, then, is to take out a mortgage to pay for the construction of your new home. There are two types of construction mortgages: completion mortgages and draw mortgages. 

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How to Make Your Life Easier with a Family Command Centre

Does your family have a command centre? 

Maybe you think it's easy to stay in touch with the variety of smartphones and other technology available to us today, but with different family members using different platforms, finding common ground can be more difficult than ever. 

That's where a family command centre comes in.

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Community Spotlight: Legacy

One of the most attractive features of Legacy is its proximity to the rapidly-growing south Calgary area. Families looking for a connected community full of paths and trails (that make it easier to spend lots of time outside) will find a lot of satisfaction here.

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How Sterling Makes Happy Home Owners Happier

If you're a Sterling Homes homeowner, you may be able to make a few extra bucks just by singing the praises of where you live to your friends. 

We offer $2,500 for each referral that results in a purchase. If you don't own a Sterling Home (or don't yet own one) but refer someone to the company, you can still receive a $1,000 reward for doing so. 

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Reflect Your Style with These Mirror Design Ideas

Every morning, you stand in front of the mirror in your master bathroom brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or putting on makeup. A mirror is a familiar sight in a bathroom. But, did you know a mirror can add to the décor of any room in your home?

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Room Design 101: Bonus Rooms

Does your new home come with a bonus room? This room is often seen as a must-have feature in functional floor plans for families

As the name implies, this room is designed to be anything you like, whether it's a more private place to relax or space for that hobby you've always wanted to take up – bonus! 

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