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Maximizing Your Living Space with Furniture Storage

Posted on April 9, 2018 by Michelle Lefurgey

Maximizing Your Living Space with Furniture Storage Room Featured ImageA home has a more pleasant atmosphere when there’s plenty of space to move throughout its rooms. Luckily, there are attractive items of furniture that can double as storage places. These pieces of furniture allow you to store items out of sight while keeping them within your reach.

Maximizing Your Living Space with Furniture Storage Bench ImageA Storage Bench

A storage bench is a decorative and useful piece of furniture for a living room, bedroom, home office or child’s playroom. There are even ways to create a storage bench yourself if you want to update furniture you already have. 

Put a cushion on the bench and it becomes another place for kids and adults to sit in the living room. These benches are a great storage solution for books, toys or sewing items. A storage bench can be placed at the end of the bed in a guest room or master bedroom. Put extra blankets, pillows and sheets in it so you or your guests have easy access to them.

If you’re using a bonus room as a playroom for your kids, put their toys in the storage bench. That way, guests and others looking into the playroom won’t see toys strewn across the floor.

An Ottoman

Ottomans are excellent storage items because they are available in all sizes, colours, and materials. Get a small, square ottoman covered in velvet for your bedroom. Use it as a footrest when relaxing in a comfy chair and tuck your books inside it for safe keeping. 

A rectangular ottoman covered in linen is perfect for the living room. Put it near the fireplace as an extra seat for an adult or child. Lift the lid to conveniently store magazines, newspapers, television remotes and more.

Maximizing Your Living Space with Furniture Storage Closet ImageFabric Bins

Bins made of fabric are versatile storage items. They can be lined up neatly on the shelves of a bookcase in a child’s room. Kids can slide out a bin whenever they need a clothing item, book, toy or materials for making a craft. 

Fabric bins on a small set of shelves would be at home in your laundry room. Use the bins for hangers, dryer sheets, bottles of fabric softener and other laundry related items. You could even use the bins to help you separate the delicate clothing items from the ones requiring the normal wash cycle.

A Rolling Cart

A rolling cart can be a family-friendly kitchen feature that lends to the look of your kitchen while supplying you with extra storage space. Use the flat surface of the cart as additional counter space for slicing and chopping vegetables. The wire baskets in the cart slide out, allowing you a place for napkins, silverware, utensils, and other small items.

A rolling cart is a good idea for a bathroom as well. Place your cups, toothbrushes and mouthwash on top of the cart. The baskets of the cart can be used for extra toilet paper rolls, hand towels, cotton balls and more. But with its moveable quality, rolling cart can be used anywhere in the home and rearranged with your changing needs!

A Coffee Table with Drawers

When you think of a coffee table, you may envision a low table with a glass surface piled high with magazines, TV remotes, and newspapers. But, a coffee table can serve as a storage place. Get a coffee table with a collection of drawers in its design. Slide out the drawers to tuck away TV remotes, DVDs, books, candles, and other small items.

Add a Stylish Skirt to a Table

A skirt around a table may seem old-fashioned, but they are coming back into style! A round end table featuring a long skirt can be used as a bedside table. Simply put your books, tissues, cell phone, and other items on the shelves of the table and close the table’s skirt to hide them away.

A Bed with Drawers

A bed with drawers that slide in beneath it can free up a lot of space in a bedroom. In a child’s room, the drawers can hold out of season clothing items, toys and books. In a master bedroom, you can use the drawers for extra clothing, shoes, books, and blankets. 

A Trunk

When it comes to furniture items that provide storage, a trunk is a traditional favourite. One idea is a white wicker trunk to serve as a coffee table for your living room. Store your extra tablecloths, picture frames, candles and more inside it.

A Victorian style wooden trunk would boost the décor of your guest bedroom. Guests can sit on it or search inside it for extra pillows, sheets, or warm blankets.

A trunk in the style of a treasure chest would be a fun addition to a child’s room with a pirate theme. This cute piece of décor could hold toys and games keeping them off the carpet. It would be both useful and decorative.

A Bed with Shelves as a Headboard

If you want more open space in your bedroom, think about getting a bed with bookshelves as a headboard. If you’re a reader, this bed design makes it convenient to grab your book and settle in for an evening of reading in your master bedroom. If you don’t read much, an arrangement of decorative items on shelves at the head of your bed adds appeal to the décor of your master bedroom.

Getting furniture with a dual purpose is an easy way to put all of your belongings within reach. Plus, you can keep the rooms of your home looking tidy without overstuffing your closets!

Hoping to save even more space? With built-in storage ideas for your new home, you can make the most of your square footage.  

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