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Home Décor Trends You Have to Try in 2018

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Michelle Lefurgey

Home Décor Trends You Have to Try in 2018 Blue Featured ImageThere are several home décor trends that will be fun and interesting for you to try in 2018. Giving your home a bit of a decorating facelift is always good to do from time to time. Eco-friendly and eccentric are two of the main trends to remember for the coming year.

The Intellectual Look 

This type of décor gives your home a look that's smart and comfortable. Add some comfy sofas to encourage a lot of reading, and don't hesitate to put bookshelves in your living room or even dining room. You can create supports for small sculptures by using stacked books. 

Wallpaper featuring scripts or musical notes always adds a classy, intellectual look to your home. You might also want to consider throw pillows for your furniture and curtains that feature this type of fabric. One thing you can count on is that guests will have a great impression of your design tastes.

The Cozy Look

One of the best things about going for a cozy look is you can take advantage of your home's natural warmth. Adding reading nooks and other designated areas around your open living space will help everyone feel cozier during their tasks. Always make seating in these areas as comfortable as possible to encourage relaxation.

Even if your décor has a more contemporary feel, adding these zones will make everything feel a little cozier. Decorate even your smallest areas to make the most of your negative space. The more practical use you make of all your micro-spaces, the cozier your room will be. 

Home Décor Trends You Have to Try in 2018 White ImageThe Infinity Look

Even though your house obviously isn't out in the middle of the sea, there's no reason you can't improvise on the infinity look. Azule and aqua tones used in a layered design, such as layering like fish scales, can add an interesting touch to your ensuite design. The good thing about this sea-inspired style, though, is it's easy to extend beyond the bathroom.

Try displaying some decorative plates with boats, lobsters, octopi, starfish, and similar nautical images in your kitchen or dining area. The sea can also provide good inspiration for your lighting. Bubble lights used in the kitchen area help you light the room up in a unique way. 

A Modern Colour Look

  • Earthy colours are right in style for 2018, with green and brown being primary and secondary colours including:
  • Deep yellow
  • Soft orange
  • Dark red
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Wine-coloured shades
  • Purple-red
  • Terra-cotta

Using metallic shades of silver and gold to enhance these colours help balance everything out. All of the colours listed above are good choices that you can do a lot with when decorating. 

Home Décor Trends You Have to Try in 2018 Orange ImageThe International Look

Foreign cultures provide a lot of the inspiration for home décor that might be less common in your neighbourhood. Two countries that offer plenty of style influence are Mexico and Morocco. Their intricate and colourful décor looks great in any home.

Using stencils is a good way to replicate the colourful tile patterns found throughout Mexico. Moroccan lanterns have also become a major part of the decorating landscape in recent years. Both of these looks benefit from the use of wicker and rattan.

Combining Dark Wood and Bright Lights

When looking at new home flooring options, wood in light colours, including cork, helps brighten up even some of the smaller nooks in your home. Dark chocolate colours used in the same space help provide a contrast that pulls everything together beautifully. Use bright lighting in these areas to bring out the wood's beauty.

The Reclaimed Look

If you like having that eco-friendly air about your home, reclaimed décor blends in nicely with everything. For example, using reclaimed wood to line a dining room wall is one way to help give the room a more rustic look. Top the look off with metal pendant lights, and you'll have the most exciting dining room on the block. 

When you're decorating your home, the key to selecting your décor is using what complements your home and lifestyle most. Taking advantage of décor trends to create a home that looks just the way you like is always rewarding, especially if you're embarking on home ownership for the first time.

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