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13 DIY Crafts to Do With Your Kids This Fall

Posted on September 18, 2017 by Michelle Lefurgey

DIY Crafts With Your Kids This Fall leaves featured imageMaking crafts together is a great way to bond with your children, especially if you embrace the season and all of its lessons and opportunities. 

Here are just a few crafts that will get your kids off the couch, into the wild, and excitedly looking for acorns and pine cones!

1. Turkey Pines

This clever craft will make an excellent centrepiece for the kids' table at Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey's face is made with googly eyes and felt scraps; its feathers are created with glued-on popsicle sticks. This tutorial for pine cone turkeys decorates the sticks with yellow and brown washi tape, but you can also paint or colour them with markers.

DIY Crafts With Your Kids This Falll hands image 2. Leafy Photo Frame

Turn a plain picture frame into a fall focal piece. Simply attach coloured foliage to the frame in any pattern or colour scheme that you desire! The trick to this craft is the glue. You don't want messy white streaks ruining the red, orange, and yellow cornucopia of your artfully-arranged leaves, so look for a glue or crafting sealant that dries transparent. 

3. Grocery Bag Tree

If you have any grocery bags lying around the pantry, this is a fun way to get rid of them. All it takes is some judicious snipping and wringing to create a gnarled-looking tree out of plain brown paper. Not only will your kids have a blast twisting it into shape, but they can also create leaves and birds to attach to the branches.

4. Edible Candy Trees

Your little sugar monsters will definitely love this one. The "ground" is made with graham crackers and chocolate frosting; the "tree" is planted with thick black licorice; the "fence" is erected with pieces of candy corn. The end result is an edible and delicious tree that will probably be eaten before it can be displayed, but hey, it's the effort that counts!

5. Mobile Leaves

Perfect for welcoming a new brother or sister into the family, this "falling leaves" mobile is a great way to get your child involved with decorating the nursery. You just need some string, some coloured card stock, and the stencils of fall-themed objects like leaves and pine cones. Hang it up by the baby's window to give them a taste of the fall weather outside.

6. Acorn Necklaces

Made with acorns, marbles, and hemp, this is a step-by-step craft that will require a little discipline from your children, but the results will be breathtaking. You start by cutting off the "caps" of acorns and glueing marbles to their insides. Then you create holes for the hemp to turn your creation into a necklace. Voila! It's instant jewellery for your little ones.

7. Cinnamon-Scented Pine Cones

Make your home smell like freshly-baked cookies with the help of cinnamon-scented pine cones. The first step is baking them in the oven to unfurl their centres; then, you'll mix ground cinnamon and/or cinnamon-scented oils in a plastic bag along with your pine cones. Once it's all shaken up, your kids won't want to take their noses out of these heavenly fragrant crafts!

DIY Crafts With Your Kids This Fall crafts image8. Leaf Prints

You don't need complicated crafts to have good old-fashioned fun. Making leaf prints is as simple as choosing your favourite leaves from the yard and then covering them in paint, glitter, yarn, and other decorating supplies. Press them into construction paper and you have your very own fall leaf prints!

9. Pumpkin Seed Surprises

Don't throw away those pumpkin seeds! After a quick visit to the oven to dry them out, you can turn your Halloween leftovers into fun, button-like accessories that can be painted and glued on paper. It's up to you and your kids to decide what kind of pumpkin seed art to create. Just be sure to frame it after you're done!

10. Pine Roses

Create your own bouquet with pine cone roses. They don't have to be red, especially if you and your kids are embracing a fall theme; they can be painted in everything from blazing orange to golden brown. Add twigs for stems and felt pieces for leaves. You can even attach a few "thorns" made of cut-down pipe cleaners to truly complete the look.

11. Lunch Bag Owls

Who knew that brown paper lunch bags could be so versatile? By turning them upside down, you have an instant hand puppet that can be decorated any way you desire. This tutorial offers folding and cutting instructions to create owl wings, but you can make other animals as well. You can even make an entire zoo for an extended puppet show!

12. Woodland Creature Masks

Foxes, and bears, and racoons, oh my! These homemade masks are great for an afternoon costume party, and they can also provide educational opportunities when you teach your children about various woodland animals. All you need are foam sheets and various crafting supplies like markers, paper straws, and felt scraps.

13. Popsicle Stick Scarecrows

Popsicle sticks are some of the most innovative crafting supplies in the world, and here they're used to create fun, non-frightening popsicle scarecrows. You'll need some extras like a felt hat and googly eyes to really complete the look, but the decorating is ultimately up to you. As long as you have popsicle sticks, you can create anything!

These are just a few ideas for fun fall crafts with the kids. Whether you're trying to flex their creativity, build their fine motor skills, or just entertain them on a rainy day, these crafts can be just what you need for some quality family bonding time!

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