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DIY Christmas Dinner Displays

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Michelle Lefurgey

9 DIY Christmas Dinner Displays Deer Featured ImageThere are tons of DIY Christmas home décor ideas, but have you thought about creating a warm and inviting display for Christmas dinner using your own talent and creativity?

With just a few materials and a dose of inspiration, you can liven up the dining table for the holiday season. Whatever the budget, we've got some exciting ideas to make your day special. 

From traditional to modern and simple to ornate, you can put together the perfect setting for this special meal.

9 DIY Christmas Dinner Displays Setting Image1. Traditional Colours

There's no rule that says you have to use red, green, and gold for your Christmas dinner table, but there are some unique ways to incorporate these traditional colours into the décor. Small, round, solid-coloured tree ornaments in a wide-mouthed glass vase will liven up the dinner table. 

Surround the base with a strand of silver tinsel and hang a few of the ornaments from the lip of the vase. Enhance the effect by adding matching red, green, and gold round candles along the length of the table.

2. Rustic Displays

Rustic dining is a popular trend, and you can make your Christmas dinner table reflect the outdoors and nature with these tips. Slices of white birch wood will give a cool and homey touch to the table. They can be used as bases for pillar candles or tea lights, or even as drink coasters. 

Tie a red and gold plaid ribbon around a mason jar and you have a clever rustic drinking glass. For a final touch, add a weathered board to the centre of the table and arrange your serving dishes on it.

3. Metallic Shimmer

Metallic highlights will brighten up the table, and these colours are easy to find during the holidays. Use alternating gold and silver napkins with contrasting napkin rings. 

A centrepiece that's sure to draw attention can be made from a simple cupcake stand. Add smaller metallic ornaments to the top level, getting larger as you go down. Then weave tiny LED string lights among the shiny balls. As a final touch, hang bronze, silver, and gold teardrop ornaments from the dining room chandelier.

4. Elegant Neutrals

Neutral colours can be elegant and striking if they're put together the right way. Pure white for your tablecloth and china is the perfect backdrop for gold placemats and accent pieces

Add a white vase as the centrepiece and fill it with a spray of gold-painted leaves. Additional touches could include gold spray-painted miniature pumpkins and white taper candles in gold or brass holders.

9 DIY Christmas Dinner Displays Candles Image5.Last Minute Centerpiece

Need a holiday table setting at the last minute? Grab three or more mason jars and you can make luminaries in five minutes

Some decorative ideas could be to write the letters J-O-Y, with one letter per jar and line them up to spell the word. Tie ribbons around the rims, coat them with some glitter, fill and surround them with pieces of evergreen. You can really use whatever you have laying around in your boxes of Christmas decorations. 

6. Christmas Florals

A floral décor is appropriate for any season, and there are a lot of exciting choices for adorning your dinner table with flowers. You don't even have to use traditional Christmas poinsettias, because anything goes. 

There are some cheerful and lovely silk flower displays that you would swear were the real thing. Or you can order a real flower display from your local florist. Dried baby's breath in colourful holiday vases is a light and airy addition to the main display. Add flower napkin rings and a flower-bordered table runner to pull everything together.

7. Traditional Settings

Traditional table settings are always a fun choice when it comes to Christmas dinner displays. Pine cones and holly, fresh evergreen wreaths, and red apples can give your table a lot of charm when you artfully arrange them as a centrepiece. 

Pair this display with a bright red tablecloth and your Christmas china, and add green napkins with gold napkin rings. Get the kids involved, letting them add glitter to the pine cones or make orange and clove pomanders.

8. Ornate Displays

If you really want to go over the top, try glamming it up when you decorate your table. Candles give any dinner table a touch of glamour, and a centrepiece with candles of various heights can be lovely. 

You don't have to spend a mint on this kind of arrangement either; you can find a variety of ornate candle holders at the dollar store. Choose fun and inexpensive table gifts for each setting, wrap them luxuriously, and place one on each dinner plate.

9. Kid-Friendly Table Décor 

For a kid-friendly Christmas dinner setting, cover the table in white butcher-block paper and include decorative holiday cups with a variety of markers or coloured pencils. Encourage the children to draw Christmas pictures and ask the adults to leave Christmas messages on the paper tablecloth. 

They can also get involved with creating the centrepieces for this display. Check out these crafts that use Hershey's Kisses. You can use them as the base for a paper Christmas tree attached with a toothpick. These are adorable, kid-friendly decorations, but they're also edible so we can't promise they'll last all night! 

A homemade Christmas dinner table centrepiece is special. It says that you cared enough to make the table setting warm and homey or elegant and impressive, whichever route you choose. And a lot of holiday table décor is family-friendly, with room for the kids to participate. 

Do you have special memories of decorating the Christmas dinner table?

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