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8 Hot New Home Decor Trends

Posted on November 28, 2016 by Michelle Lefurgey

hot-new-home-decor-trends-harmony-mckinley-showhome-kitchen-featured-image.pngKeeping up with the latest must-have features can be a challenge. With innovative products continuing to provide upgrades to the best in home convenience and decor, where should you begin? When you need a larger home with higher-end finishes and the latest technology, building a new home is the best way to get the home you want with the fine features you deserve. 

Here are eight of the most popular home decor trends you should look for as you plan out the rooms in your new home build.

1. Contrast in Your Kitchen’s Design

The trend towards a contrast with light and dark shades in the kitchen is strong, and this often appears as white or cream-coloured cabinetry and a dark kitchen island. Designing an island that doesn’t match the rest of the kitchen makes it a focal point and anchors it as a unique design element to contrast beautifully with the rest of the room. In addition to the cabinetry, light and dark countertop choices can add to the drama and beauty of your unique kitchen design.

2. Ditch the Dining Room

Homes with a separate dining room are a thing of the past, and today’s open kitchens have seating built into islands and countertops along with an open space for a larger dining table. The ability to converse with guests at the table while in the kitchen preparing a meal makes family time and entertaining more interactive and enjoyable. You won’t miss having a separate dining room, and you’ll enjoy the functional floor plan an open kitchen helps to create. 


3. A Convenient Home Office

Whether you work from home or telecommute, a home office is a must-have feature for your new home. With options of locating it near the front entrance or choosing a completely separate entrance to your workspace, your home office can be a convenient location for meeting with clients or customers. The ability to close the door and leave your work behind when you spend time with your family makes it a valuable addition to your floor plan.

4. Large-Format Flooring Tiles Create Grandeur

Large-format flooring tiles make any room look larger and more spectacular. With fewer grout lines, these high-end tiles add an expansive look to any area. Setting them on the diagonal can increase the illusion of more space and draw your eye towards the far reaches of the room. It’s also a practical flooring choice, with a durable surface and easy maintenance without sacrificing beauty and style in your home. 

5. Hardwood Flooring: Choose a Matte Finish

A matte finish for hardwood flooring is a popular design choice, and it creates a flooring look that’s versatile and natural looking. The matte surface is less likely to show damage, footprints or dirt in your home, and it’s easier to clean and maintain. This non-shiny surface also has a more natural appearance to create elegance for a rustic or contemporary decor, and it provides a unique look that distinguishes it from traditional hardwood flooring. 

6. Solid Gold: Shiny Brass Fixtures and Accents

Brass fixtures are back as a design trend, and the warm shades of this gold-coloured material add a sophisticated look to plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and interior doors. With an upscale look, you’ll enjoy the unique accents the colour of brass adds to your home, while also enjoying the durability of this popular and attractive material in contrast to traditional chrome or stainless steel. 

7. Indulge Your Creativity: Transitional Styling

If you appreciate a wide variety of design styles, you’ll love the trend of transitional styling. Choosing decor elements from a broad array of influences and styles means you can mix modern art with your favourite antique desk for a look that’s both traditional and contemporary. Don’t be afraid to add the latest furniture trends to a traditional looking home, or choose modern finishes to enhance your heirloom furniture. 

8. Low-Maintenance Materials

Using low-maintenance materials in your new home build means you can enjoy a future with less time spent cleaning every surface. Stain-resistant porcelain tile flooring, engineered quartz countertops, metal roofing, and composite decking materials allow you to expect a lifetime of use and service from these durable materials without sacrificing on style. 

Ready to Bring These Trends to Life?

When you choose a top-notch Calgary home builder, you’ll enjoy the advantage of professional services from an in-house design team. With their expertise and your sense of style in mind, you’ll be able to select the latest colours, hot styles and current trends to include in your beautiful new home.

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