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6 Thanksgiving Centrepieces You Can Make Yourself

Posted on October 8, 2018 by Michelle Lefurgey

6 Thanksgiving Centrepieces You Can Make Yourself Featured ImageWhen you invite guests to your home for Thanksgiving this October, why not make sure you have the chance to welcome them using handmade centrepieces? Holiday-themed table decor abounds in stores at this time of year, but decorations you make yourself have a distinctive touch. One of the best parts of these creations is that making them is a fun family activity that will help get kids into the spirit of things.

1. Apple Candle Centrepieces 

Candles crafted from hollowed-out apples make a unique, nature-inspired centrepiece for your dining table that everyone will notice right away. Because the effect depends on several smaller items rather than one central feature, you can arrange things around your table much more easily. 

One of the most helpful things about this option is that the apples used as candleholders are biodegradable. There's no need to worry about how much lasting impact your decision to use these candles will have on the earth. They are also unique in comparison to what many other families use for the holiday. 

2. A Bright Floral Bouquet 

The autumn months are associated with bold shades of red, orange and yellow, so why not take full advantage of this popular colour scheme? A mixture of different flowers in one vase or container will help you make the most of the look. Some of the choices you may wish to consider for your floral arrangement include: 

  • Mums
  • Roses
  • Dahlias

Consider combining this idea with the pumpkin centrepiece mentioned below for maximum effect. You'll find this combination most satisfying to all your guests and perfectly festive. 

6 Thanksgiving Centrepieces You Can Make Yourself Pumpkin Image3. Pumpkin Vase 

Although ceramic pumpkin vases are cute, why not use the real thing after you've taken advantage of a recipe involving fresh pumpkin? Simply make sure you've scooped everything out then add flowers featuring your favourite fall colours. 

Like the apple candleholders, this centrepiece idea is healthier for the environment. It's also an idea that requires minimal effort. You could pick out a good pumpkin and prepare it the same day with virtually no hassle. 

4. Edible Centrepieces 

An edible centrepiece is always a fun addition to any Thanksgiving dinner table, regardless of the number of people present. Consider stacked dishes featuring grapes, apricots and other tasty treats that everyone can help themselves to during the meal. Kids will love this option because they can snack away without anyone minding. 

The most helpful thing about this option is that you don't need to think about throwing anything away or finding storage for the next year for the centrepiece. The fruit or other foods you use can make a handy after-dinner snack while everyone's watching TV. Everyone can even take some of the centrepiece home with them if they wish. 

5. Fresh Greens 

bevelled-edge mirror centrepiece, will certainly add sparkle to your festive feast. Start off with some pillar candles lined up on top of the mirror, with evergreen branches interspersed in between. Scattering clementines and pinecones throughout the arrangement adds a colourful, unique touch throughout. 

The mirror helps draw everyone's attention to the centre of the table. Despite the assortment of items used for this centrepiece, it is quite compact. The arrangement of all the different items helps create a pretty bit of decor that minimizes the amount of space the centrepiece takes up on the table. Everyone can admire your handiwork without you having to worry if there's enough space for the turkey. 

6 Thanksgiving Centrepieces You Can Make Yourself Candle Image6. Glass Bowl Centrepiece 

A glass bowl can have many uses, including the creation of a unique double-wall hurricane light. Place a glass votive-style candle inside the bowl, or even use a battery-operated candle for greater safety. Fill the space between the candle holder and the wall of the bowl with smooth river rocks or similar materials. 

This centrepiece is easy to make, which is always good if you're short on time. Another nice touch is that you can easily reuse these centrepieces for other occasions. Changing the type of stones or other fillers used inside the bowl is easy. 

Gathering for Thanksgiving is easier than ever with our amazing home styles perfect for entertaining. What's more, you can be moved-in and settled before the big meal by choosing a beautiful new quick possession home today! From all of us at Sterling, Happy Thanksgiving!

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